Our Services

Strategic Planning:

Preliminary assessment of regional and local variables as might affect an investment initiative or prospect. Depending on project type, scope, scale, and specifics deckardtyler carries out appraisals on the broad parameters that establish intervention relevance, inform a viability construct, and offer different levels of implementation strategies to facilitate engagement.

Framework Development:

Each project, each intervention, each investment requires an execution plan that defines the different components, articulates stake-holdings, and details the applicable stages as would be relevant to the successful actualization of intent. deckardtyler provides necessary Client support towards achieving holistic and sustainable framework development; mostly resulting in overall cost and time efficiencies.

PPP Transaction Advisory (Technical Support):

Public-Private Partnerships (P3) are a performance-based approach for procuring public infrastructure with the Private Sector taking up a major share of responsibility in terms of risk and financing for project delivery, from design and planning to long-term operation and maintenance. Current roles of deckardtyler extend to P3 projects where it provides services to establish outline business cases (OBCs), provide concessionaires the instruments with which to reach financial close, and support governmental agencies with both programmatic advisory and project-specific data, information, and technical documentation.

Architecture & Planning:

The procurement of built/infrastructure assets – from planning to concept, design to construction, project monitoring to lifecycle concerns; forms the basis on which the core of the deckardtyler value add is served. This service covers interventions from the domestic to the urban, from the residential to the industrial, from the commercial to the specialists (employing relevant partnerships), and from the traditional to the novel. The emended expertise (resident and collaborative) enables deckard tyler respond to a diversity of project types and complexities.

Integrated Project Delivery:

deckardtyler offers an approach to delivering projects that integrate the full complement of the design team, this – whether at feasibility, masterplan, concept, detail design, or design implementation, aims to ensure efficiency of process, de-risking investment, and harvesting the intrinsic value of relevant best practice amongst others.

Building Information Modelling

(BIM Levels 1 & 2): deckardtyler advocates the use of BIM in all its projects appropriately customized to scale, scope, and complexity. This ensures that the benefits of coordinated documentation relevant to a given project yield desired value returns in cost, time, and quality. Long-term reusable data is another value-pillar of this service as it impacts on Facilities Management and Life-Cycle Management et al.

Integrated Design Consultancy

Research, Architecture, Engineering, Costing, Implementation, and Management: the deckardtyler approach is geared towards maximizing process efficiency to ensure that traditional technical services/deliverables are appropriately aggregated to remove as much risk as possible early on in the life of an intervention. This gives for cost and implementation efficiency whilst aiming to protect quality of eventual output.

Green Design Consultancy

The environment is now a confirmed depleting/non-replenishable resource. As building and infrastructure efficiency become increasingly critical across the entire value-chain deckardtyler provides advisory and consultancy services aimed at strengthening benefits to the ‘3-Ps’ of People, Planet, and Profit. This approach to sustainability characterizes all our activities from Feasibility through Planning, to Design, Execution, and Operational/Life-Cycle strategies. In addition to this consistent consideration is given to the SDGs to ensure that interventions – whether advisory or disruptive are delivered with inclusive goals as a constant backdrop.

Post Occupancy Evaluation:

This looks at the operational performance of an asset (building or infrastructure) after established periods of operation/use. deckardtyler provides Tenants/Landlords/Occupants/Asset Managers – either as an embedded or stand-alone service, with POEs that facilitate better planning, understand and improved use patters, enhance occupancy experience, and engineer a closed-loop in the infrastructure value-chain.