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Centenary City FZE

go here As part of unfolding actualization of the Centenary City Economic Free Zone (CCFZE), the INCUBATOR, a flagship development, provides an integrated platform enabling startups, upstarts, and small businesses, and mid-sized enterprises actualize the latent and obvious potentials of a co-working ecosystem supported by necessary statutory and operational functions needed to make for a truly sustainable business growth. Including open-plan office space with a variety of desk and operational configurations, retail mall facility, warehousing and storage space, with supporting functions, the building occupies about 14,500sqm, spread across six floors and a lower-ground level. Set in a landmark location at the intersection of the primary ring-road system and the primary entrance spine in the City, the completed development heralds the desired attraction of businesses to maximize the facility of the Free Zone, with the necessary value-chain and support ecosystem.

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