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Oil & Gas Museum & Research Center OMRC – Bayelsa 2020 This intervention is proposal for an industry focused museum and research facility in response to the need for a historical identity, energize tourism, serve as an incubator for education, actualize SDGs, and provide infrastructure for dedicated R&D amongst others. get link Context is defined by dominant curvilinear fabric, the river, the local source of life shapes this narrative. The resultant experience creates circles like droplets along the path. Aggregated they share instant similarity with oil drops in water, bonding together for (structural) stability and sustainability. Buy Diazepam 10Mg Bulk This sets up investigation of the ‘collective of circles’ like oil storage systems – as a container, as a secondary skin, as an object, as a feature. Define this feature by its elements – molecular composition, structural spines. go to link Site Use Distribution: Total Site Area (Parcel B) - 494,423.75 sqm (100%) Total Development Footprint - 63,228.80 sqm (12.79%) Total Road Connectivity et al - 47,856.40 sqm (9.68%) Resultant Open/Green/Softscape - 383,338.55 sqm (77.53%) The central aspect of the resultant softscape is the Multifunctional Central Park: Central ‘collector-space’ for Phase One / Green Hub with mixed landscape strategy / Exposed, Covered, and Semi-Exposed Activity Spaces / Active Landscape / OMRC Flood Mitigation Strategy / Core of Discovery Route / Weaves through and connects the entirety of Phase One, and is accessible to/by all parts of Phase One. Buy Generic Xanax From Canada This ‘park-system’ weaves into becoming semi-private outdoor spaces between and underneath the elevated aspects of R&D facility, establishes and engenders pedestrianized connectivity and activity across the entire site. It serves as the forecourt to the museum, and the dominant experience to staff and visitors alike; proving a successful cushion to the physical/built assets.